Monday, November 7, 2016

WARNING: If You See This On Your Heеl You Need To Visit A Doctor, IMMEDIATELY

Some people struggle with heel pain every single day, and they go through hell due to this condition. They are prevented to perform their daily activities because every day they get up from the bed with pain in their heels. The worst part is that you can’t put yourself in a good shape because running is not a choice for you.
Chronic pain in the heels does not resolve on its own, but there is also no need for serious prescription drugs that can do more harm than good. Here are the five main causes of heel pain and what you can do – naturally – to stop it in its tracks.
The pain in the joints is called arthritis which can be seriously debilitating. If the arthritis pain pop up on the heel, it can be very hard to deal with.

Natural Treatment Recommendations:  the best way to treat arthritis is by altering your diet. You should consume more foods like cherries, broccoli, green tea, fish, soy, garlic, beans, healthy oils and whole grains. Daily stretching may also reduce pain and improve mobility.
Plantar Fasciitis:
The most common source of heel pain is the inflammation of the tissue that connects the foot from toe to heel. In the mornig, the pain is increased, but after some movements like walking,  the plantar fascia revert to their natural position when you are resting or sleeping, but resuming movement causes tiny, very painful tears in the tissue.
Natural Treatment Recommendations: In order to treat this condition, you should stretch your tendons by sitting with your legs out flat. All you have to do is to take a rolled up towel and place it around the ball of one heel, pulling the foot toward your body. Hold it for about half a minute, then do the other side. Another helpful activity is standard heel raises.
Stress Fracture
It is normal to feel a burn in your joints and tendons after a workout, but if you feel more than a burn, than you are probably dealing with stress fracture. This usually happens to those who take on exercise at a rate that is intense compared to what their body is accustomed to.
Natural Treatment Recommendations: Consume more foods that prevent inflammation, but another great way is to treat an existing stress fracture by giving it the rest it needs to heal.
Atrophy of Fat Pad
This is the second biggest cause of heel pain. As you know our foot is covered with layer of fat, as we walk, that fat wears down.
Natural Treatment Recommendations: People should start wearing an orthopedic footwear in order to prevent these conditions from occuring. Running on softer surfaces can help to nix the pain when working out.
Tendonitis of the Achilles
When injured, the whole process of walking can be stopped. In reality, the Achilles is a tendon that runs from your heel bone to your calf, allowing you to step.
Natural Treatment Recommendations: This uncomfortable issue is best relieved with stretches. You should perform the same calf raises and towel stretching that you would for PF. Another great solution is a heel lift which will help you alleviate the tension that causes pain within the tendon.
It is very important to recognize the cause that makes you pain and to treat it as soon as possible, because it can cause you many problems in your daily activities.

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